Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make an appointment?

Email me at or shoot me a message at my contact page here. 


What makes a great headshot? 

In my mind, a great headshot makes you look confident and friendly, like you're the one who can get the job done while still being liked by everyone in the office. It also looks natural and flattering, so people will look at the photo and say "Wow, you look great!" and not "Did you have some work done?"


How fast can you turn photos around? 

If you're in a big hurry, I can get unretouched images to you the same day as our shoot. Retouching typically takes another business day to complete. 


Can you make me look ten years younger? 

I could do that with lots of retouching, but it would look ridiculous. Instead I focus on flattering lighting and angles to make you look like the best you possible. This alone can make a pretty dramatic difference -- lots of people say "Wow!" when they see their image on the back of my camera. The other big part of the formula is pulling the best possible facial expression out of you. Everyone is self-conscious of the camera initially (me too!), but I'm pretty good at getting people to relax, and most of my shoots feel more like a conversation where there happens to be a camera clicking in the background.


What is the difference between a portrait session and a headshot session? 

A headshot session is focused on your face and typically uses a solid background color. A portrait session shows more of the body and environment, and tells more of a story. 


Do you require a deposit or contract?

I typically take a $100 deposit (ideally via Paypal to to reserve individual headshot sessions. For larger shoots I may require a contract as well. 


How do you feel about retouching?

Most of my packages include some retouching. My philosophy about retouching is that it should look natural. I will remove blemishes, stray hairs and such, and we will do a bit of teeth whitening and maybe soften some wrinkles subtly. If the retouching is evident to the general public, I think that it is too much. 


Where are your studios? 

I have a small headshot studio in Baltimore as part of my home office. It is located in the hip Hampden neighborhood (I think of it as tiny Brooklyn), and a quick cab ride from Baltimore's Penn Station. In DC I work out of the rental studio Softbox Studios in Fairfax.


What is your professional background? 

I've been a photography for over 20 years, starting as a newspaper freelancer for places like the Baltimore Sun, Washington Post and New York Times. Over the years I've transitioned to doing more portrait work, also lots of weddings. 


How long will my photos be online? 

I keep online galleries up for at least a month. 


What rights do I have to my images? 

While I maintain the copyright to my images, you are free to use them however you like barring commercial resale. 


Will you use my photos on your website?  

I often like to feature my recent work on my blog or portfolio, but I'll always check with you first.