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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Headshot of a Hopkins professor

This post displays some of my favorite shoots from the last few weeks, and is a good representation of the type of headshot work I do a regular basis. 

Starting off, Justin Hanes, above, is a professor and research director at Hopkins with a list of degrees, accomplishments and titles ten pages long. I photographed him for the website of a startup called Graybug Vision, which is developing innovative products to help treat eye disease.

Next up is Accenture, a consulting company who I did location headshots for. They were having a company happy hour at a restaurant in Baltimore where I squeezed my portable studio in between a buffet table and a plastic palm tree! (I could almost reach behind me and grab some quesadillas while shooting.)  Because of the tight space, I used my lights to quickly change the background between grey and white instead of using two separate set ups. 

 location corporate portraits in dc

dc executive portraits

headshots on location in dc for accenture


Next, a company called Discern Health hired me to do some headshots at their offices. I've included a screen shot from their website below where you can see my photos (as well as some older headshots that we still need to work on!) While at their offices, I also shot some candid photos of folks working at their desks, having meetings, etc. that the company can also use on their website in place of stock photos. 

healthcare headshots in dc

New headshots on a company website


Below we have Shannon, a young actor who came to the studio for a longer session to update her headshots. She is super talented and was a blast to work with. 

actor headshot in washington, dc

dramatic headshot of an actor in washington, dc


Finally, we have Chester, who needed a same day headshot for a new company website as well as for his LinkedIn profile. I got a call around 9am, was shooting him by 10am, and had the photos online by 11am. I think that may be a new record for me! 

executive headshot in washington dc

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