Gruber Foundation Event at the Baltimore Convention Center

Monday, September 14, 2015

baltimore convention center awards for gruber foundation

Before I became a photographer, I got a degree in Biology and was planning to be a research scientist. Life took another turn, but I am still in love with science and so this job was a particular treat. It was like a former guitar student getting to photograph Eric Clapton and Paco de Lucia. 

My assignment was to photograph scientists Jennifer Doudna and Emmanuelle Charpentier receiving the Genetics Prize from the Gruber Foundation at Yale University. You probably haven't heard of either of these ladies, or of the Gruber Foundation, or of the CRISPR gene editing technology that their research has made possible. And you may never hear of them, but you will definitely benefit from their discovery, which has taken gene editing from the stone age to the computer age in a single bound. 

The event started out with some speaker photos at the Baltimore Convention Center followed by coverage of an intimate dinner at the Johns Hopkins Club

Gruber foundation awardsBaltimore convention center photographyJohns Hopkins Club awards dinner for Gruber Foundation
Posted by Dennis on 09/14 at 12:14 PM